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Four Wise Monkeys is designed to unite my desire to develop as a writer with my urge to blog. It is based around the proverbial Three Wise Monkeys, with the focus being on the human senses rather than moral principles. Each post will relate to a sense represented by a monkey: "See no evil, Hear no evil, Taste no evil, Smell no evil." My hope is that blogging in this way will encourage me to think of blogging as a kind of writing exercise rather than something to distract me from my writing.

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Can a sound be warm? I think of a cat’s purr as a warm sound, thick and rich like melting chocolate or coffee brewing. It’s cosy: firesides and blankets and snow outside. It means safety and comfort and happiness. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s almost a background sound that makes it so warm, as if the cat’s emitting it like heat. It’s like the crackle of a record in that way, or the gentle roar of the flame on a gas cooker: a base coating in all of the layers of sound that might be happening at the same time.

Cats are on my mind at the moment – ours has gone missing. There’s been no purring here for a week. I hope she’s purring somewhere...

Monkey by Kieran Hazell (www.ownbeat.co.uk)

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Did you find her yet?

Oh, I forgot to say on here! Yes, we did thank you. She came home late one night as though nothing had happened... and has since become a rather adventurous little thing. Nowadays we think nothing of it when we don't see her for several days at a time. I think she has other human friends besides us!

July 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJ Adamthwaite

Whew! Glad to hear it.

Our cats are frequent subjects for hubby's and my 'small stones'. :)

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