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Four Wise Monkeys is designed to unite my desire to develop as a writer with my urge to blog. It is based around the proverbial Three Wise Monkeys, with the focus being on the human senses rather than moral principles. Each post will relate to a sense represented by a monkey: "See no evil, Hear no evil, Taste no evil, Smell no evil." My hope is that blogging in this way will encourage me to think of blogging as a kind of writing exercise rather than something to distract me from my writing.

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Squelching Pasta

I take an enormous amount of pleasure in that wet, squelchy sound that happens when you stir a sauce through a pan of hot pasta. I’m always surprised by how much I like it because wet, squelchy sounds are normally unpleasant, but that’s the power of association, I suppose. There are few things more comforting than a big bowl of creamy pasta, and that’s what I think of when I hear that noise. It works whatever the sauce and whatever the pasta, but the best combination involves a cream or milk-based sauce and a tubular pasta variety like macaroni or spirali. As always, some of my love of this sound is bound up in memory: the sound of nearly-dinner-time, standing in the kitchen while my mum finished cooking, and countless evenings curled on the sofa with macaroni cheese. When I’m cooking now, I take a moment to indulge in the pleasures of the sound: the soft bubbles of air as the sauce catches in the tubes; the warm, wet sound of pasta squashing beneath a wooden spoon… it’s all filled with anticipation: soon there will be pasta, and it will be hot and delicious.

Monkey by Clive Wesley Dennis 

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